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Gift Lists

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is putting together your gift list. At River Rose Wedding Planner we work with only the very best suppliers which is why we choose to work in partnership with The Wedding Shop.  Offering unrivalled choice, flexibility, and exceptional service, The Wedding Shop provides a personal experience that is memorable, meaningful and fun. Below are our top tips for curating the ultimate gift list as well as a link to get a £50 voucher to spent at The Wedding Shop

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Start Early

There is so much choice nowadays that it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. Avoid a last minute rush (and some potentially questionable choices!) by starting your list as early as possible. No one will see your list until you are ready to share it, so take your time and think about what would really mean the most to you.


Mix Up The Price Points

Not everyone that attends your wedding will have the same budget when it comes to gifting so be sure to select gifts that cover a range of budgets. If you’re combining gifts with a honeymoon fund, offering vouchers in £20 increments means people can add as few or as many as they’re comfortable with

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Don't Underestimate

There’s nothing to say every gift on your list must be purchased so feel free to add more than you think you need. You don’t want the list to become empty and guests be left in limbo, so don’t be shy when adding gifts, especially those that are priced in the £35100 range as these will likely be most popular


Choose Wisely

The starting point for gifts should be things that you need, for example kitchenware, table linen or kitchen appliances. By all means pick high-quality or luxurious items, just try to think about how they will slot into your home and your current decor. As gorgeous as a £400 oversized Chinoiserie  jar may be, if your kettle is on its last legs it may be worth upgrading that first

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Ready to get started?

Click the link below to begin creating your gift registry and you'll receive

a £50 voucher to spend at The Wedding Shop

£50 voucher will be awarded when £200 worth of gifts have been purchased from your registry. 

Affiliated link. 

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