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Updated: Nov 18, 2023

"I am beyond thrilled to write this 5-star review for River Rose Wedding Planner, especially for the incredibly talented Daisy! As someone who's naturally unorganised, I couldn't have possibly imagined planning my dream wedding without her by my side. From the moment we started working together, Daisy's expertise and dedication were evident.

Daisy's involvement on the big day itself was an absolute game-changer. Her ability to seamlessly coordinate every aspect of the event allowed me to relax and truly soak in every precious moment. For a person like me, who tends to stress over the smallest details, Daisy's calm and composed demeanor was a breath of fresh air.

What truly set Daisy apart was her exceptional organisational skills. She managed to turn what could have been a chaotic mess into a beautifully orchestrated affair. Everything flowed effortlessly, and I owe that entirely to Daisy's meticulous planning and execution. Her attention to detail ensured that every element, from the decorations to the schedule, was flawlessly executed.

One of the most remarkable things about Daisy was her ability to make me feel at ease. On a day when nerves could easily have taken over, Daisy's presence and professionalism reassured me that everything was under control. This allowed me to enjoy every single moment of my wedding day without any worry. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a gift this was to me.

If you're considering a Devon wedding and want it to be an absolute dream come true, look no further than Daisy at River Rose Wedding Planner. Her dedication, expertise, and exceptional ability to turn chaos into beauty are unparalleled. I am forever grateful for Daisy's role in making my wedding day the magical experience it was. Thank you, Daisy, for creating memories that will last a lifetime!"

July 2023

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